Saturday, November 23, 2013

Book Review : for one more day by Mitch Albom

Hello readers.
How are you? good? great? I wish you have a great day.
If you're sad right now... smile.
Because it is the best thing that you can do with your lips! :)


Today i' gonna do a book review. On a book that to me, it's really special and I totally like it.

for one more day by Mitch Albom

Well, i'm a bookworm *kinda* and I love reading books. And after reading this book, Mitch Albom is my another favorite author (I like Nicholas Sparks too). this book makes me smile,wistful and blink back tears of nostalgia.

The story is about a broken man, named Charley Benetto who struggled with personal problems like alcohol addiction, divorce and others. He is really closed to his mom and one day, she died. With a huge regrets, because of something that he did wrong.... he become to ruin his life, his job and others.

But he got a chances, to met her mother. Again. *the rest you have to read this book! ^^*

Besides, this book is suitable for all ages and easy to understand (which is suitable for a not-so-good-in-English boy like me). I'm highly recommended this book.

To Malaysian, this book cost only MYR 32.95 at Kinokuniya, KLCC. I'm ot sure in other store but if you have member card... it will be cheaper. For those from other country, go find it in your nearest bookstore and let me know what your thought on this book.

 That's all from me,
Thank you and good luck :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013



I guess this is really huge message that everybody would agree, I guess.
Sometimes we're too shy ang too much caring on other people thought but the real thing is they don't even care at all. Maybe.

So, the point is here, be yourself  and be happy.

Goodluck :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What to do when you're sad.

Assalamualikum readers.
Song long no update in this blog. I have been too busy and sooo lazy. aha!
so today I would like to share something that being part and parcel in our life. Since I'm taking MUET in just a few days.. I would like to write in English. *sorri la hok tak berapa tau bahasa omputeh ni, cah buka kamus.. paham la.. hihi, kidding*

ok, lets go to the point,.

What to do when you're sad.

1. Pray a lot. He knows everything in your heart. Keep praying and praying.

2. Write a letter to people you loved like mom, dad, sista, brotha and many more *ayat darjah enam*. Don't seal them, don't send them but put them between books or anything.

3.  Eat something you like. If you asked me, I would say ice-cream, cakes, chocolates and other-not-really-healthy food. ihiks.

4. Go outside and venture it. Watch a beautiful panorama of woods, sky and nature. Watch a hummingbird innocently fly above your head. Realize how insignificant you are.

5. Smile to strangers and say hello. It wasn't make your day only but them too.

6. Read dictionary. I know this sound a little bit funny, *whaattt? read dictionary? WTFish?* but just do it and learn new words. Write down any words you want to remember.

7. Write your bucketlist or The 10 Things You Want To Do Before Die or anything.

8. Read books or watch movies from your childhood. A little dose of nostalgia is okay,. Remember how innocent you are that time.

9. Go hiking or somewhere you can breath a fresh air. Feel free and awesome.

10. Lastly, don't marinate yourself with sadness. You're not a steak. haha but do realize that you can do something better that you are now.

Good Luck!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Assalamualaikum,. people.
it's been a week. hurm, to much to be talk to. Besides, most thing that happen this week is terrifying and not really awesome. Exam? pretty good. I've done my best.
So, talking about somebody...


Yeah. Somebody that had change myself. Or easily I can confess here,.
I AM IN L**E! WTH? pheww...
and what I can describe since that thing stuck in my mind....

Weird. Awkward. Hurt. Suck. Happy. Bla bla bla bla blaa...

because I'm not the ttype that tell the person I love that I love them instead act like usual. What a stupid kan? haha -_-

So, liking someone that don't know you like them is like hugging a cactus. A thorny one. The close you hug, the more pain you felt. Even deeper... !

So again, hope who read this... will write something like an advise maybe?

Bye :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Being unofficially 18.


According to the title, it's not all about being matured, or legal or what. It's a life confession that  I don't know how to tell people bout it. So, instead of it.. I choose to write which is one of my passion to do, every time when I get stuck or on an awkward moment. Yes I did.

First of all..... being in this age is not just complicated, but what the best word that I can describe is.. FLOATING. I just felt everything doesn't fall into places. Yeah, it's to private to talk about but something I'd like to tell you.

"Sometimes, a friendship that we build even for a very very long time.... unexpectedly will 'pooffs' just in a sec. And it's happen to me. Where most people in my life had decide their own way.... Had started a new life. I've lost them. I've lost my best friend because of stupid things which is not my fault. It's really not and not even really had things to do with me"

and for this meanwhile... I just want to start all over. Seems like STAM is one of the right choice now. The least that I can think of. Huh..

That's all people. Thanks for reading this boring post. You're awesome!
Smile, peace yaww!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thought on my current life

Assalamualaikum and Hello people.

How you guys doing? Wishing you a great and merry day. Amin :)
This post will be about myself.
My current life. Things that happen that make myself so confused.
Like, i've lost hope.
I've lost all the people that really cares about me.
Yes, like that. And I'm sure it's suck. Huh..

Firstly, it's about my SPM thinggy. I didn't get much strong result but Alhamdulillah it's all I got and I accept it. Alhamdulillah again:)

But, there's a lot in my mind that sometimes I had to keep myself alone. To think rationally and keenly. I've set my goal then there'll be a person will destroy it. Okay, Maybe you.. reader will kinda dizzy when you read this. Sorry. Things are crazy nowadays *in my life.

Once i've started to really being positive to what will come in the future, "they" will say. Something that sometimes... I just can't get in. Don't they have heart? Huh.. If I. If I can just let their words fade. fade away from my life.

Okay. Stop.

Secondly.... there's conflict between me and my close friend.
A conflict that before this I just let that person win.
And I just can't face it anymore when this thing happen and happen without I defend myself from being hurt again. Huh,.. that hard for me.

And thanks people for 'sudi' read my post and I hope you can give some advise or anything that you want to tell me. I'm very glad to receive that. Like seriously :)

Last but not least....

Just for fun. HaHa.. it make me laugh :) Bye people !

Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Ways to become Confident

Assalamualaikum people.
This time I'm going to talk about how to be confident, being you... al day al all night:)
And of course this time I'm writing in English.

*Ceh, bajet terer speaking. hihi - Tak salah kan kalau sekali sekala? :)

 Ok, to be honest I got this tips on tumblr. * I'm a tumblrwhore... hihihi. So, here some tips to be shared:

-It's not only lighten your day but others. Btw, smile can give your face some exercise so it can looks younger. Like ever!

2.Write something that you think you did well.
-Like helping your mom, dad, granda and whatever. And keep in your heart that you'll do it again and again .

3. Listen to happy song.
-Me? 22 by Taylor Swift is my current obsession and Believe by JB. Don't listen to song that makes you shut the world off and cry yourself a river. Never!

4.Imagine that you are wearing a confident bubble. Kinda a confident coat or anything that makes you feels very very very good. Or maybe you can wear your lucky shirt. Perhaps...

5. Love what you're wearing even it's not pricy or branded or whatever. But believe in yourself that you're lucky enough to have something to wear while others are dying. Even for a cloth.

6. Walk with purpose. Like you're heading to something. Something to do.

7. Make eye contact with the person you're talking to or are talking.

8. Clear the clutter in your place/room. A messy room means a messy mind!

9. Focusing your positive side rather than comparing yourself to other people. That is one of the best way to booost your confident.

10. Against all of those tips.... do relate your life to your God. Your life may not be the way you plan but Allah :)

*Extra tips.... >> When i'm having a pamper day, i'll relax myself for a while. the do Do-It-Myself SPA. I'll make another post for Do-It-Myself SPA :)

Till then people,.... Byeeeeee!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tentang Cinta (Part 1)

*Tak jawab dosa kalau jawab sayang ~,~ hik hik
InsyaAllah, entry kali ini Hadi ingin berbicara mengenai cinta. Sekadar menjawab persolan yang selalu bermain di benak remaja yang lumrahnya hangat merasakan cinta (ayat sastera tahap A.Samad Said dowh!)

    Suatu hari, ada junior tanya: "Abd Hadi, macam mana nak buat kalau kita selalu teringat kat 'si dia'? Persaan tu tak boleh hilang walaupun ana dah cuba untuk lupakan dia,".

Hadi tak jawab sebab takut silap.... tapi, Alhamdulillah, dah dapat  jawapan  tersebut semasa dengar tazkirah Ustazah Fatimah Syarha Nordin: My favourite writer. Ceramah beliau boleh cari dalam Youtube.... sedap kupasan dia :) *Untung Dr Farhan Hadi
Iklan.... *sentapp ~,~

#Jawapan: Kepada semua sahabat, termasuklah orang yang menulis ni... kita semua berada di klimaks masa dimana cinta adalah anugerah yang perlu mujahadah dalam menjaganya. Dan tak lain tak bukan... penulisan ini juga buat peringatan buat Hadi.

Menahan diri dari mengingati si dia boleh disamakan dengan analogi berpuasa.

Bila kita berpuasa, kita menahan diri dari makan dan minum dari mula terbit fajar dan sehingga terbenam matahari. Kalau kita berpuasa, tapi kita tenung makanan... tak sampai nak berbuka lagi kita dan rajin jenguk, gatal mulut pergi main-main suap makanan.... main-main hirup pastu luah, lama kelamaan kemahuan kita untuk tinggal puasa semakin kuat dan mungkin kita akan terbatal. Tambahan kalu kita tak bersahur.

Dilarang untuk mempraktikkannya.Jaga pandangan anda! :)

Sama lah seperti keadaan dimana kita selalu teringatkan si dia. Jangan dilayankan sangat perasaan itu. Kalau kita selalu layan perasaan dengan mendengar lagu jiwang karat, menonton cerita korea sampai tertungging *sebab terlalu over feeling  dan rajin tangan nak hantar mesej mahupun call si dia.... masakan kita tak selalu ingatkan dia? 

Kalau kita layan sangat perasaan itu, hati akan selalu tidak tahan. Mulalah zina hati... Takut-takut, ia bawak kita lebih jauh. Nauzubillah!

Banyakkan zikrullah, selawat dan membaca Al-Quran. Dan yang paling penting... tiada yang mustahil dalam doa'!

Sekadar itu dari saya.... salah silap mohon ditegur bukan dicerca,
:)    Wasalam!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


                Dalam resah melayan fikrah, aku walah. Cepat tangan mencapai kalam Allah, perlahan ku baca menjemput tenang menghilang gundah. Hingga aku terenti pada ayah;

                “Maka apakah mereka tidak berjalan di muka bumi lalu mereka mempunyai hati yang dengan itu mereka dapat memahami atau mempunyai telinga yang dengan itu mereka mendengar? Kerana sesungguhnya bukan mata itu yang buta. Tetapi, yang buta ialah hati di dalam dada.” – Al Haj 46.

Benak dihujani….

                Butakah hati Ya Allah, hingga kau hijabkan aku dari makna amanahMu? Pantas hati beristigfar. Ya Allah,pimpinlah diriku dan mereka. Sesungguhnya aku benar-benar dahagakan pimpinanMu. Tuntunlan aku jalani amanah yang kau pundakkan pada sepasangan bahu lemah ini. Ampunilah aku, andai alpa mengajar mereka “erti” amanah pada agamaMu. Yang jelas, ditunjukkan oleh rasulMu.

                Ampunilah diriku Ya Allah. Kerana sebegini adanya aduku padaMu. Merasa sukarnya menjalani amanahmu. Benar- benar diri menginsafi susah payah RasulMu menunai amanat diberi. Namun dalam menggalas amanah seringkali daku kalah pada amanah. Dalam benar tahu, bahawa mana mungkin membandingkan luka parah rasulullah berjuang dengan asakan bual teman menekan perasaan. Bagaimana mungkin menyamakan jasad nabi yang dinajisi dan diriku yang hanya dihamburkan dan dipulaukan.

                Dalam pada tahu pagar yang menghias jalanMu itu adalah ujian dan kesukaran, masih saja aku memilih selesa dan ketengan. Aku terbelenggu diantara dua. Perlu dan suka. Dan, seperti selalunya…..

                Aku memilih suka dari perlu . Memilih suka dari perlu dilakukan.  Sedang suka itu tidak perlu – dan perlu itu tidak pula disukai. Benar- benar  terseksa. Kerana hati ini perlu melawan jasad sendiri. Di ketika ini, hati menggugah hidayah ‘sabda nabi’ , “Jihad (peperangan) yang paling sukar adalah mendepani hawa nafsu”.

                Sepantas itu juga lembar sejarah  silih berganti bermain diretina mata, mengulangi fakta. Ramai pendekar yang tersungkur bukan kerana tusukan senjata tetapi godaan wanita. Malah ramai pula panglima yang mundur bukan kerana amukan musuh tapi, kerlipan kuasa dan harta.Mereka yang bersiap siaga saja bisa- bisa kalah. Namun bukan pada musuh yang meratah tapi, nafsu serakah. Ya Allah apakah ini hidayahMu padaku, mengetuk pintu hati melunasi amanahMu?

                Tampak sekali aku tidak endah. Sambil lewa mwnggalas amanah. Benar, saat ini ingin sekali merayu padaMu- ampunilah aku pada setiap detik amanah yang tak tertunaikan. Janganlah kau lemparkan kelak di wajahku. Permudahkan rintangan beban amanah ini Ya Allah.

                Barangkali, aku benar-benar mendiami zon selesa. Takut. Dayus mendepani cabaran. Sedang kutahu berusaha itu perlu kepada perubahan. Dan berubah, sifatnya kekok dan canggung. Ya Allah, pimpinlah langkahku, yang baru, sesuai tuntutanMu. Kuatkanlah hatiku dan diri ini untuk terus berubah walau harus dipaksa.< Aku tidak ingin berubah kerana terpaksa dan asakan keadaan, kerana itu adalah kegagalan.> Aku ingin bermujahadah biar ia kan patah. Berkali, tapi tidak mengaku kalah. Jauhkanlah diriku dari golongan yang takut disakiti, pahit sedikit mengeluh, pedih sekelumit mengaduh.