Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Ways to become Confident

Assalamualaikum people.
This time I'm going to talk about how to be confident, being you... al day al all night:)
And of course this time I'm writing in English.

*Ceh, bajet terer speaking. hihi - Tak salah kan kalau sekali sekala? :)

 Ok, to be honest I got this tips on tumblr. * I'm a tumblrwhore... hihihi. So, here some tips to be shared:

-It's not only lighten your day but others. Btw, smile can give your face some exercise so it can looks younger. Like ever!

2.Write something that you think you did well.
-Like helping your mom, dad, granda and whatever. And keep in your heart that you'll do it again and again .

3. Listen to happy song.
-Me? 22 by Taylor Swift is my current obsession and Believe by JB. Don't listen to song that makes you shut the world off and cry yourself a river. Never!

4.Imagine that you are wearing a confident bubble. Kinda a confident coat or anything that makes you feels very very very good. Or maybe you can wear your lucky shirt. Perhaps...

5. Love what you're wearing even it's not pricy or branded or whatever. But believe in yourself that you're lucky enough to have something to wear while others are dying. Even for a cloth.

6. Walk with purpose. Like you're heading to something. Something to do.

7. Make eye contact with the person you're talking to or are talking.

8. Clear the clutter in your place/room. A messy room means a messy mind!

9. Focusing your positive side rather than comparing yourself to other people. That is one of the best way to booost your confident.

10. Against all of those tips.... do relate your life to your God. Your life may not be the way you plan but Allah :)

*Extra tips.... >> When i'm having a pamper day, i'll relax myself for a while. the do Do-It-Myself SPA. I'll make another post for Do-It-Myself SPA :)

Till then people,.... Byeeeeee!