Sunday, May 26, 2013


Assalamualaikum,. people.
it's been a week. hurm, to much to be talk to. Besides, most thing that happen this week is terrifying and not really awesome. Exam? pretty good. I've done my best.
So, talking about somebody...


Yeah. Somebody that had change myself. Or easily I can confess here,.
I AM IN L**E! WTH? pheww...
and what I can describe since that thing stuck in my mind....

Weird. Awkward. Hurt. Suck. Happy. Bla bla bla bla blaa...

because I'm not the ttype that tell the person I love that I love them instead act like usual. What a stupid kan? haha -_-

So, liking someone that don't know you like them is like hugging a cactus. A thorny one. The close you hug, the more pain you felt. Even deeper... !

So again, hope who read this... will write something like an advise maybe?

Bye :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Being unofficially 18.


According to the title, it's not all about being matured, or legal or what. It's a life confession that  I don't know how to tell people bout it. So, instead of it.. I choose to write which is one of my passion to do, every time when I get stuck or on an awkward moment. Yes I did.

First of all..... being in this age is not just complicated, but what the best word that I can describe is.. FLOATING. I just felt everything doesn't fall into places. Yeah, it's to private to talk about but something I'd like to tell you.

"Sometimes, a friendship that we build even for a very very long time.... unexpectedly will 'pooffs' just in a sec. And it's happen to me. Where most people in my life had decide their own way.... Had started a new life. I've lost them. I've lost my best friend because of stupid things which is not my fault. It's really not and not even really had things to do with me"

and for this meanwhile... I just want to start all over. Seems like STAM is one of the right choice now. The least that I can think of. Huh..

That's all people. Thanks for reading this boring post. You're awesome!
Smile, peace yaww!