Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How to get up early.

Assalamualaikum and hi people.

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I’m kind of a morning person. I like waking up in the morning to do something instead of you know, dreaming again. *sometimes I did that too, you know when you too tired or too lazy to do anything :b.

Let’s just say in Islam, it is better to not to sleep after Solah fajr because our prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) told us so. Even when you do that you’ll notice you’ll become weaker and your day might not be productive.

But here’s some tips to get up early that I figure it out myself and some from my research on the web (I did googled it!) and most of it from Anna Vital.

1.       Have enough sleep. For an adult or youth like me it is enough to have between 5-6 hours. Recite dua/prayer.

2.       Sleep comfortably. Use a blanket that keeps you warm vice versa. Depends on your situation. Good sleep is between 16-21 degree Celsius *research.

3.       Sleep in total darkness because melatonin (the sleep hormone) is produced in the dark. *research

4.       Drink before you sleep! I did this to myself because I’m easily got a sore throat if I’m not hydrated. And drinking some water not only rejuvenating but keeps you hydrated. According to a research we lost lots of water in our body through breathing and of course, sleeping.

5.       Put alarm. Far than your bed so you can’t snooze it. Ahaha

6.       Plan an exciting breakfast. So you’ll look up to make that. And of course, if you want to work productively you’ll need a good boost because you brain feeds on glucose/sugar or something like that. I’ll just go as simple as a banana and hot chocolate. Or maybe some caffeine/coffee.

7.       Read a book. From a book (not online) because you can’t browse away from it. Or maybe your math/history books :D

8.       Have your goals of the next day/ schedule your most important task of your day especially in the morning so you’ll get excited to get up to do it.

9.       To my Muslims readers do look up for sunnah. The sunnah the better right? InsyaAllah I’ll list out some sunnah of sleeping (before/after) soon. There’s always goodness in every sunnah. You didn’t only get physical benefits but also rewards when you do it.

10.   Last but not least, in order to get rid of the sleepiness after you wake up a few tips that I can list out is :-

·         Be active. Sing in the shower or do some light exercise.
·         Caffeine. A cup of coffee always works on me.
·         Do something.

I hope that those tips might help even a little. I did not do the whole tips that I wrote up there but some of them help me.  Just to remain clear that my English is quite not good as I’m still working on it, through writing like this. If you do notice some mistakes grammatically or anything just tell me through all my social media networking account like twitter/comments bellow or maybe emails me at . I would love to know anything like ideas/tips/anything from you guys. With that, thank you for reading!