Sunday, April 19, 2015


Assalamualikum peeps.

been April now, urgh.
Lately i felt like i need to stay away from everything that is not important yet not urgent like;

social media.

yeah. Last time I decided to hiatus from instagram and it last for a few weeks! *what an amazing achievement! and last week i don't top my internet and just ignoring the temptation of doing that, i realized that i have a lots of time! A LOT MEANS A LOT!

that is when i realize *again that i had lost lots of my time to not beneficial stuff like twitter bla bla bla. And now i'm on a project for my self to reduce my time to that stuff,

and focus more to the stuff that i should have put my priority to. And start writing/reading more and more.

till then.

good luck.