Sunday, May 31, 2015

Next and next.

I believe everybody have an issue in their life. And it’s normal. The thing right now is just me facing something changing in my life. Changes always hard to me. Somehow this phase what I am facing right now made me wanna write down and just on and on. It’s weird right now. Absurd. And I hate it.

I know this day will come and based on the past I guess I just do nothing but this time stuck and hit me so hard that I can digest it. It’s been like floating and just huh. Duhh. I do felt so empty when realizing that my foundation of Arabic language is gonna end because I’ve put all I can to it. I’ve done the best that I could on it and now I’m at the end of the road of this path and next is another challenging world that I’ve been so excited but scared to deal with.

I think I’m just frightened up to things that I don’t know what will come. And don’t know what to do, what should I do.

And the other thing is, to left a lesson with Ustaz Humaidah. He’s one of the best thing that happen to me. One of the best person that I’ve met so far. He taught lots of life lessons that I guess makes me or everyone around him feels comfortable to be around him.

I guess this is life.

To face a big thing and just keep going.

Move on.

Just this time I’m little bit attached to this ‘part of life’.

And I hope it’s all fine right now and next.

*sorry for the bad English. Sorry nor sorry. Hah J