Thursday, June 18, 2015

1st Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, everything is fine. Nope, not just fine but incredibly great. Somehow I get tired a little bit because after a little ceremony that I have to settle at the night and tarawih after that I got something going up and then with a little nap I woke up to prepare sah00r.

We ate nasi goreng and fried chicken. Aha!

Then got tadarus and stuff and bla blab la. But that is not the point. The thing is the lost ship that one of my friends in it founded today, and I hope he’s okay. He’ll be okay J

I iftar at maidah ( a place where rich people sponsor food for the needy and stuff) and the food is quite okay. Arabs food while my taste bud is craving for murtabak and cincau. Ahahaha. But Alhamdulillah on everything. the whole meal consist of a quarter chicken, some rice and pickles and halawiyat (some kind of desert).

pic from senior, akh Ihkwan 

At the end of the meal there’re bunch of people collecting aish (Arabic bread) and the leftovers. My senior said that they’re the poor. Then I realized how blessed I am while other people have to collect leftovers to feed themselves!

It’s a very meaningful day. I hope you too.