Friday, June 12, 2015

The follow up.

Now its been almost a week I’m in my last mustawa (phase) in learning Arabic. Somehow this mustawa’s atmosphere is quite different. Even my teacher changes his style of teaching. No more formal ‘makan suap’ or idontknowhowtoexplaininenglish hahaha. Now we have to understand texts in Arabic by our own self except for certain hard words that we’re incapable of understanding it without proper explanation. I wake up in the morning everyday while my heart begging me to not to go to class but I never did yet. Since class for 6 hours, and most of our mentality told us it’s hard but somehow I don’t want this phase to end.

But everything has to end. Good and bad. Urgh.

Another thing, is that I’m so impressed somehow I’m really inspired by Indonesian students. I guess it’s true to say that most of them are better in Arabic than Malaysian. I met a student who talk in Arabic like bubbles. Like he’s talking that language since born.

And another truth to be accept is that I’m so freaking scared to be a uni students. Somehow the image portrayed in my brain is too huge. It’s a serious stuff you know. I just don’t want to mess up or waste my parents hope and money. Wasting my time just to fail and fail. I do feel optimistic sometimes but just like I said, it gives me chills. Some said that if your dreams or the stuff you’re up too is not making you scared, it’s not big enough. But how if it’s too big? How if how if and how if.

I guess I need to start thinking on this. Figure something up. And yeah, Ramadhan is around the corner.

I guess that’s it. Enough babbling and yeah.