Sunday, July 26, 2015

A letter to myself.

Asalamualaikum and hi.

Today my senior’s result was out and I feel like mad inspired and hell ya scared. well, first thing first if any of you reading this I just would like to congratulate you guys. Success or not it’s not the main thing. The thing is you guys had done all of your best. Kan?

Well the issue here is I’m going to face a new part of my life. Uni life. And that is soo *don’tknowhowtodescribe because I always paranoid on the big thing that is about to happen. By observing those guy I have to admit that it’s gonna be tough and I don’t know how I’m gonna make it but I will just do it. Am I ready? Am I gonna pass? Am I, am I ?  hurmm.

I guess I need to do some research more and start a hard work right now.

So, this year kind-of-resolution would be study the best as I can to pass. Not just pas but with good grade of course!


Ain’t no mountain enough. Lols J

With that, thanks for reading and wish me (pray for me) the best best of luck.

taken from tumblr.