Thursday, August 20, 2015


Asalamualaikum and hi.
First of all, I have wanted to write about this specific topic for a long long time but you know, procrastination.

credit: kellieburgers.tumblr

There is someone in my relatives that always pointing out my weakness/ something that I always insecure about whenever he get chances to do so and yeah, I get used to it but it always hurt. Even when you’re so done with all of it but I always tell myself to be calm every time he did that to me, by just ignore it/ keep it in my heart because I have a saying that I read said,
Don’t let idiot ruin your day.
Don’t. Now I’m kind of relief that I’m been able to get rid of him personally as I live in other country and I don’t get to face him, not a chance but I also know that he always did this to my siblings and somehow I manage to tell them all of these stuff too and I hope they’re strong. Even after all the stuff he did to me, I personally never fight back/backfire or whatever but I try to be nice, like nothing happened.

Well, I believe people like this is actually they need attention or maybe they’re too insecure about themselves and the easiest way to get rid the feeling is by being mean to others. That is why I don’t want to take their insults seriously even it hurts, sometimes. I wonder what is in their mind, hurm…

Sometimes, we are mean to. Conscious or unconscious we are human and never perfect. Never being able to make everybody happy. It’s like a wheel that sometimes we’re the one that are mean and sometimes we are the victim.

But here’s some tips from experience, I guess :-

1.       Avoid people you feel insecure around. You have to protect yourself from them.
2.       Surround yourself with supportive people that always gonna back you up.
3.       Know your weakness and accept it. Embrace it!
4.       Know that the more you felt threatened the more they like it. Don’t give a chance for them to indulge from it.
5.       Beat them with your own happiness. Be happy and smile because they hate it.
6.       Sometimes you need to share things to someone you really believe in. it’s scary but challenging one.

Above all, I hope this post might help somebody or as a reminder that it’s not cool by being mean. At the end, we all know that none of people expectation matters. You matters. It’s just on how you define yourself.

With that, thank you for reading.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Me and social media

Rant on social media.
Assalamualaikum and hi.

Well, to be honest I just read a few of my facebook friend’s status and have a few thought to say or to tell here specifically on social media. I knew the word social say it all but seeing someone posting their anger, out loud and commenting without knowing the border of you know… even there’s actually no borders but we as human do have instinct on that.

The problem is not about babbling and telling our problem out loud on social media but how we handle that. It might be okay for someone to do that at the first place but that doesn’t solve the problem. At all.

The thing is often we see people arguing, ‘practically’ yelling and so on through their tweets and stuff without, actually solving that problem. (Actually I’m trying to not to address the real stuff directly. If this is quite confusing, I’m sorry).

Secondly, I personally think that the way we handle our social media accounts reflect ourselves. It might seem like I’m judging but sadly saying that is how it works for me. That is practically why I have insecurities on posting something on facebook.

So the last to conclude all of the above, here’s my point :-
1.       Your acts on social media show your personality, be care full.
2.       Solve your problems; don’t just write it on your wall/tweets.
3.       You are free to disagree, but if you don’t mind tell me your thought.

So that’s all. Thank you for reading.

credit to: @80sNostalgia 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

10 things I've learn living in Egypt.

Asalamualaikum and hi.
It’s been a year I have been living in Egypt. Wish I’ll have another incredible awesome year, amin. Well, there’re two big things happened today. First is I just finish my six days fasting (post Ramadhan) which is macam poyo ye dak? Lols while at the same time today is the opening of the new Suez Canal which is a big celebration in here, Egypt.

Regarding to this quite memorable experience ( been a year in Egypt) I think I would like to write 10 things I’ve learn living in Egypt. Here we go :-

1.       Patient is a must. Because there’re no rule here even there’re rules. Bureaucracy in here is quite challenging. hiks
2.       Always thank full of everything that you have because lots lots of people don’t even get to eat.
3.       The more you walk around the more you get something new.
4.       When it comes to conversations, just talk and talk. Don’t afraid to make mistakes as long as you learn from it.
5.       Not everybody will treat you good. Some will cheat you, some will make fun of you. Just don’t buy what they sell.
6.       Connecting to the point above, you got to choose two sides, be like Musa a.s (Moses) or Firaun (Pharaoh).
7.       Holding hand, kissing cheek and clapping hands are ways of Arabs being nice. Be prepared because you might find it weird for the first time but once you get to know the environment you’ll get it naturally.
8.       Celebrate eid at somewhere else/ new places with new people. Like I had done last eid fitri.
9.       Arabian food is not bad at all. Just try and error. You might like some.
10.   Transportation? Bus is the cheapest but always be ready to jump and run. If you choose taxi, don’t expect that you just come in and tell the driver your destination. You have to ask them first. Make sure you ask the price first.

So, I guess here is it. Wish me luck for this year, and may your day is great too. Peace J