Thursday, August 6, 2015

10 things I've learn living in Egypt.

Asalamualaikum and hi.
It’s been a year I have been living in Egypt. Wish I’ll have another incredible awesome year, amin. Well, there’re two big things happened today. First is I just finish my six days fasting (post Ramadhan) which is macam poyo ye dak? Lols while at the same time today is the opening of the new Suez Canal which is a big celebration in here, Egypt.

Regarding to this quite memorable experience ( been a year in Egypt) I think I would like to write 10 things I’ve learn living in Egypt. Here we go :-

1.       Patient is a must. Because there’re no rule here even there’re rules. Bureaucracy in here is quite challenging. hiks
2.       Always thank full of everything that you have because lots lots of people don’t even get to eat.
3.       The more you walk around the more you get something new.
4.       When it comes to conversations, just talk and talk. Don’t afraid to make mistakes as long as you learn from it.
5.       Not everybody will treat you good. Some will cheat you, some will make fun of you. Just don’t buy what they sell.
6.       Connecting to the point above, you got to choose two sides, be like Musa a.s (Moses) or Firaun (Pharaoh).
7.       Holding hand, kissing cheek and clapping hands are ways of Arabs being nice. Be prepared because you might find it weird for the first time but once you get to know the environment you’ll get it naturally.
8.       Celebrate eid at somewhere else/ new places with new people. Like I had done last eid fitri.
9.       Arabian food is not bad at all. Just try and error. You might like some.
10.   Transportation? Bus is the cheapest but always be ready to jump and run. If you choose taxi, don’t expect that you just come in and tell the driver your destination. You have to ask them first. Make sure you ask the price first.

So, I guess here is it. Wish me luck for this year, and may your day is great too. Peace J