Thursday, August 20, 2015


Asalamualaikum and hi.
First of all, I have wanted to write about this specific topic for a long long time but you know, procrastination.

credit: kellieburgers.tumblr

There is someone in my relatives that always pointing out my weakness/ something that I always insecure about whenever he get chances to do so and yeah, I get used to it but it always hurt. Even when you’re so done with all of it but I always tell myself to be calm every time he did that to me, by just ignore it/ keep it in my heart because I have a saying that I read said,
Don’t let idiot ruin your day.
Don’t. Now I’m kind of relief that I’m been able to get rid of him personally as I live in other country and I don’t get to face him, not a chance but I also know that he always did this to my siblings and somehow I manage to tell them all of these stuff too and I hope they’re strong. Even after all the stuff he did to me, I personally never fight back/backfire or whatever but I try to be nice, like nothing happened.

Well, I believe people like this is actually they need attention or maybe they’re too insecure about themselves and the easiest way to get rid the feeling is by being mean to others. That is why I don’t want to take their insults seriously even it hurts, sometimes. I wonder what is in their mind, hurm…

Sometimes, we are mean to. Conscious or unconscious we are human and never perfect. Never being able to make everybody happy. It’s like a wheel that sometimes we’re the one that are mean and sometimes we are the victim.

But here’s some tips from experience, I guess :-

1.       Avoid people you feel insecure around. You have to protect yourself from them.
2.       Surround yourself with supportive people that always gonna back you up.
3.       Know your weakness and accept it. Embrace it!
4.       Know that the more you felt threatened the more they like it. Don’t give a chance for them to indulge from it.
5.       Beat them with your own happiness. Be happy and smile because they hate it.
6.       Sometimes you need to share things to someone you really believe in. it’s scary but challenging one.

Above all, I hope this post might help somebody or as a reminder that it’s not cool by being mean. At the end, we all know that none of people expectation matters. You matters. It’s just on how you define yourself.

With that, thank you for reading.