Sunday, September 13, 2015


“Trust is like a writing a book. It takes time to finish but easy to burned it” - aiman banna kalau tak silap.

Asalamualaikum and hi.
Yet another babbling and ranting ahahaha. Read this at your own risk ;)

This is another personal story that I want to share, also as a reminder for myself or maybe for someone that can relate to this.
When I was in high school, I have a friend that I actually I hated him at first but we ended up be a good friend. Not a best friend and there’s one time something happened to me which is quite a private stuff that I don’t just tell everyone but I choose to tell him just because I need a person to confess this particular problem(and  it is an embarrassing stuff to tell to). Well, I deeply think that since we have a good relationship and he seems loyal so I told him (as a secret).

But few days later, somebody just met me and asked me about that ‘matter’ and I was shocked because the only person that I told to was only him which means, I got betrayed. That moment, was one of the worse experience in my life, and it taught me a lot.

From that day, I psychologically speaking; don’t trust anyone or having a hard time to trust people but I also learned ;-

1.       How it feels to be betrayed so it is a wrong act to do to others.
2.       To be more care full on people.
3.       Forgive yes, forget… I don’t know.

Well, maybe I was too young at that time to realize who to talk to and who’s not. But here’s a personal thought on this matter. A loyal friends is hard to find but worth having one.

With that, thanks for reading.

Peace out J

Sunday, September 6, 2015


You know when a particular job/work is actually already challenging and ‘hard’ then there’re few people that make everything of it even harder and they kept bragging the thing when they can just stay positive and optimist?

Particularly speaking, here in Egypt living as a student there’re few stuff that always make us almost crazy but I want o address one thing.

Getting visa.

But you still have choice whether to face the annoying bureaucracy by yourself or just pay an agent to make everything for you but still you have to do few stuff but with less stress, less effort.

There’s one time I manage to experienced myself but I must say that it’s not that really bad like people used to brag or whatever. I admit that the process is so stress full and sometimes you might feel like giving up but at last, it’s worth waiting and standing and whatever it takes. It just when people kept being pessimist and bragging it out to generation to others, so that everything just the way people thought it would be.

With that, I end my rant.