Sunday, September 13, 2015


“Trust is like a writing a book. It takes time to finish but easy to burned it” - aiman banna kalau tak silap.

Asalamualaikum and hi.
Yet another babbling and ranting ahahaha. Read this at your own risk ;)

This is another personal story that I want to share, also as a reminder for myself or maybe for someone that can relate to this.
When I was in high school, I have a friend that I actually I hated him at first but we ended up be a good friend. Not a best friend and there’s one time something happened to me which is quite a private stuff that I don’t just tell everyone but I choose to tell him just because I need a person to confess this particular problem(and  it is an embarrassing stuff to tell to). Well, I deeply think that since we have a good relationship and he seems loyal so I told him (as a secret).

But few days later, somebody just met me and asked me about that ‘matter’ and I was shocked because the only person that I told to was only him which means, I got betrayed. That moment, was one of the worse experience in my life, and it taught me a lot.

From that day, I psychologically speaking; don’t trust anyone or having a hard time to trust people but I also learned ;-

1.       How it feels to be betrayed so it is a wrong act to do to others.
2.       To be more care full on people.
3.       Forgive yes, forget… I don’t know.

Well, maybe I was too young at that time to realize who to talk to and who’s not. But here’s a personal thought on this matter. A loyal friends is hard to find but worth having one.

With that, thanks for reading.

Peace out J