Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The perks of being a socially awkward person.

Assalamualaikum, bismillah :]

Alhamdulillah, somehow I manage to survive this whole three weeks even though there are few other works that should be done but now it is okay to say I’m quite already in a comfortable postion. Well, I manage to get lots of new friends, I guess. Well,  I am not really good at making friend and there’s a particular arab ‘man’ that eventually want to be friends with me like always sitting next to me, always want to be with me and as a socially awkward person, that is quite bothering me. Well, I guess I should try harder to make friends too, perhaps.

Along the way I am right now, I guess I am so fortunate to be here, and surrounding by quite amount of great people. Somehow having a random conversation with human beings excites me except when it’s come on certain parts that I’m already irritates. Ahaha.

And kuliah seems quite okay right now even some of the subjects I can’t even digest everything from the books and lecturer’s lecture. Arabic language is not that hard but sometimes when the lecturer belt out their ammi (local’s way of speaking which is not as formal as the language people use in books) I somehow stuck and don’t know what to do. *but usually Arabian who sit beside me will guide me and which is in this case that is why I like to sit at a place with no non-arab or someone who is quite good in their Arabic skills. *tips.

Of course right now I need to reschedule my time seems next there’ll be study group, and my Thursday night lecture and so on.

Wish me a very good luck. Bye.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Early morning rant.

Asalamualaikum and hi. Been a while where I am not even touching this keypad. Classes already started a week ago and there’re so much more things to do. At least I’m on the road and hope it’ll be great soon. So far the class is not too harsh nor I’m quite good in it but it’s a working progress, I think.

Well, this morning I woke up thinking of the weird dream of a particular person that I supposed this is weird. I thought my mind already get rid of that person but naah, it’s like my dream is telling me that I can’t run from it. leuls. Dreams. But todays scenery just exactly like thsose days in Malaysia where I usually ride a motorcycle to buy breakfast (usually nasi lemak) at the stall in front of my house. Homesick gais, homesick ><. Fortunately wan rodzi fried some nasi goreng and all I know is I’m happy eating it right now.

Somehow this few days is teaching a lots of sabr and friend-ship-i-guess. Because first there’s no ather thing that you can do except sabr when it comes to bureaucracy and doing a proper work in Egypt. Second, the more you know somebody, the more you learn about them and I guess somehow a person that we thought is our bestfriend/good friends is not always with us. We will somehow walk alone, even when it is too hard, which is it is. Hurm, speaking of this particular topic my mind goes to Cinderella’s mother’s advice to her right before her death. “be kind and have courage.”

I guess that’s all eh. Kbye J