Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Liar with an innocent face.

Assalamualaikum and hello November.

The cold breeze starts to blow through the air of Cairo marks that winter is here but still, not really shows its true face. This week I decided to get myself into a ‘battle’ which is applying for visa.
It’s a long story but let me try to simplify as good as I can cause I’m scared that it might annoy you. Ahahahahaha.

Usually there’re 3 races that will apply in Monday. Malaysian, Indonesia and Russian. Let me define this three races by their clothes, because what we wear should reflect as who we are *especially when you’re dressing sunnah-stye because that is what I’ll describe Russian ; long beard, jubbah and upper-ankle-pants style or whatever that we knows describe sunnah-style but the thing is they who wear this kind of stuff tend to cheats, promotes violent and injustice.

It’s hard for me to describe the main causes why I rant about this but it is the way it is. Well, I know some people might disagree and say that we can’t judge a person by its outer side why did you apply to embrace that good stuff outside but you don’t apply it inside? Wasn’t that is just a waste???

Be truthful to your personality. Because practicing the sunnah outer side whilst abandoning the inside is not only a waste, it brought misconception to the image. Or to be more precise, be responsible for your image.

Okay, I’m sorry if there’s an error that I made here, but let me be clear that I accept opinion.
Till then.