Tuesday, November 17, 2015

my own book project.

assalamualaikum and hi peeps.

one day I have a thought on myself.

what do i want to achieve right now?

what do i want to do?

and there's a particular thing that i want to have so bad a long time ago. Something that i've doing for a long time but never really done like never have like proper ways or really into that.

and it's having my own book.

and i decided that being 20, I want to produce one. Even not like a legit book *published by a proper publisher* and i was thinking that why not make one based on my past writing and just put other writings that i've never shown just for myself.

and keep that as a mark to a milestone for myself.

at least i had my goal achieved. And this may be the baby step into a real, legit book *aminn*

and i pray that everything will be good, will be great insyAllah.

till then, then.