Saturday, February 13, 2016

Winter break.

assalamualaikum and hi.

been a long time,
i do plan to update my blog but duhh, the temptation of not doing it far bigger that doing it. Plus, this holiday is quite a lot to do.

and this year Cairo International book fair is something. I spend over 1K on books alone. I even used my emergency money and i do regret it, now. hahahaha

even though i didn't plan a vacation but thanks to KPP they organized a short vacay so at least i have one. I don't know all the plan is not doing good this holiday but yeah, everything is fine. I guess i had enough.

ok, i belanjee satu. ahahahahahaaha

anyway kuliah already started and celah-celah ni His Highness is coming and there's a lot to do. a lot to bla bla blla.

well, everything is fine.

till then though, Bye.