Monday, March 21, 2016

midnight rants.

A few nights ago I went to Hardees, having a late night supper as I’m quite hungry. I went there with Hadi, a good friend of mine who we share the same name.

The thing is I just felt quite relaxing and the vibe is so good that I can’t explain how satisfying it is. It’s been a long time that we don’t have a good time chit chatting about current life.

And I guess one of the reasons that make me wanted to have a good time with him is because we’re quite close to each other in high school but not now. I mean, we don’t go to the same place to classs even though in the same university. And the fact that he’s moving out soon from students house make me overthink of myself not having him around might be you know, awkward.

The place (Hardees) is warm, quiet and calm so the situation is quite engaging.

I guess I need to be more socially better as I might not have lots of time to spend with him, more.
It’s hard to trust anyone, here because trust is too expensive to give to worthless people, and I knew little who qualified to shares that.

Or am I too clingy too scared or whateves.


Enough for now.