Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ramadhan *realistic* goals.

Peace be upon to you.

This post was written with my stream of consciousness, not planned at all and I’m sorry if it’s quite random.

I know Ramadhan is already here and this post might be quite late but I always believe that you are never too late until you already done with it, and our journey is way too long. Make it count.

To some of my readers who don’t know what Ramadhan is, it is a month;  seventh month of Islamic Hijri calendar where all of Muslims fast, restraining our self from food, drinks and stuff that can break the fast, as an act of spiritual cleansing or ibadah (act of pray, I don’t have the perfect words to put here) from dust to dawn.

First. Why do we need goals at the first place? Well… I think it’s nice to have something to achieve to enhance our ability, to make this whole time because Ramadhan is the time where Allah gave a lots of His chance, rewards and based on I know (I’m an Islamic law student, and one of my favorite subject to look  up to is Islamic Jurisprudence) and in it fasting (in Ramadhan) is ‘wajib mudhayya’ the obligations with limitations where you only have one month to fast. That’s all. Why not have a good plan on making this whole time the best of us?

Okay, let’s get to the main point.

I think it would be nice if we have a top 3 goals that we really want to achieve like;

1.       Read the whole Quran in a month.
2.       Stop smoking.
3.       Donate to the people in needs
 and give our full attention and focus to this three, if you have more just put it there but know your limits and start making it work. If you have other things that you want to achieve but not really as important as your top 3, make a general list so you can always review it.

Ramadhan is a perfect time, to change our inner self, from bad habits stuff. I hope everybody is in good shape and time and this little writing helps you, or at least give you an idea on making our best Ramadhan this year.

I guess that’s all.


credits; https://www.tumblr.com/theshawllabel

Monday, June 6, 2016

Another chapters.


quite a while i'm not writing here, mainly because i'm quite busy with exam and now hey, i'm back!

and now, yeah right now it's a lot to process. What to do, next on and on. Alhamdulillah Ramadhan is here and but let me spare the story in another post later, hahahaha.

second, i'm going back to Malaysia but the thing is i'm not back for raya like most of the people but after raya. Which is a long story to be told and i'm  not in the mood of writing a long sentences. Pardon me.

and i guess this post is just a mere update to this blog, so i won't look like i don't care to update, duhh.

and stay tuned.

bye :)