Wednesday, July 6, 2016

oh ya, it's Syawal already.

peace be upon to you.

so been a month actually and this time of Ramadhan, do change me. everything is different and i glad it did. Also Raya is different this year with a twist of excited-ness, which i am so great full that i'm okay with the decision to stay for Raya here, in Egypt.

last night i get to chat with a friend who I've been looking forward to have a talk with him, and i gl;ad everything going well because it's been a long time since i hadn't have a long chat of big ideas and something, that realy suites me well.

then i realizes that i am very small, compared to him, even though he is in my age but the maturity of his knowledge is beyond. Beyond what he looks like. i learned that i have a lot, a lot to discover, to LEARN.

i guess this new ,month is a good start, to really plan everything right.

have a great day, People.