Sunday, August 28, 2016

so, how is Malaysia?


i am in Malaysia now. Been almost a month now and i got a month left before coming back, for another year in Egypt.

i have quite a blast before coming back to home; as we have quite an adventurous vacation in Alexandria and i'll blog that later lah. Not in that mood, hahaha.

back to the point; i get the same question from friends over in Egypt asking this question everytime;

" so, how is Malaysia?"

 okay maybe not like overall Malaysia, i'd say how is Perlis particularly as i think there're too many things going on to write over here about Malaysia for the time being. 

i would say Perlis is getting better, in development; also lots of hipster cafe growing up like mushroom after rain. Idon't get to try any of them yet but i do have a list (but still don't know when to go).

Now Perlis have Giant supermarket and still Kparc is still in development well it's nice but there's one day i went to The Store or Kangar particularly i found out that here in Kangar seems like not much of a town. I guess people already have better options like cMart (Even cMart too). I am here not to say that all of this huge improvement in the aspect of development is not good but i do think personally why bother adding another while the remaining is seems struggling?

or maybe it's just in my head. Forget it.

oh ya, one more thing.

now we got GST (before I went to Egypt there is no such thing) meaning that everything is pricier that before but my mind is still in Egypt in term of pricing of goods. hahahaha

i even bought almost RM400 of books thinking that i still can divide them like in Egyptian Pounds and now i'm broke.


i still love my tanah tumpah darahku; 

and still got my #ProjekMenternakLemakHadiMuss going am i am on a mission to scratch the lists of food that i want to eat while in here. 

till then, bye.