Friday, September 30, 2016

too much to brain.

assalamuaaikum and hello.

this week, quite a lot happened ad quite a lot to brain, digest.

it's like i have a tons of things in my shoulder and i don't know how to get rid of it. I guess this will help.

I've been wanting to write this  for about few days ago but live is super hectic and busy and i ended up sleeping rather than writing this (i usually do it nightime) but now it's early in the morning.

today i'm leaving to KLIA and tomorrow i got a flight to catch at 9 am which mean i have to check in at 6 am. 2 months is too short. it's all i can say. Writing this right now, i am already homesick, missing lots of things and i don't there're a lots of things happened and i'll break it down one by one.

maybe i love my homeland, more than anything  but i guess this place doesn't belong to me at least for now. I have a lot of responsibilities and work to do over there and i guess i just have to go for it in about another 3 years.

secondly, one of who i refer as my best, best friend (actually to be exact is my teacher) is sick right now. and i feel bad to the fact that i'm not there if anything happened. all i can do right now is a hoping, praying.

lastly, to anyone who expect this blog will be written in a very very great bombastic English grammatically and writing, this is not a perfect place for you.

i not good at English AT ALL. i'm doing this just to express ,myself and the most important, to improve it. i studied with 95% of my subject in uni is in Arabic.