Saturday, October 15, 2016


Assalamualaikum and hello people.
I just came back from Alexandria for a short-packed vacation with few of my buddies; I guess all of us needed to wind up a little bit before the class is starting and everything is spinning out. Actually it’s not planned at all. It just randomly come to my mind when they said they want to go there “I’m in!” .

Montazah, King Farouk Castle.

It’s quite a nice one although the first one is my favorite. I’ve been there last summer and this time is still not the same. I love that place. I love seashore; I love the sound of the smashing wave, the smell of salty water and the blue-greeny color of the sea. It’s so calming and worth it. Also we walked a lot, hell ya like 30k steps a day and I like it. I always love walking while wandering around…

excuse our tired-face lol.

Also, the people there are different from Cairo like earth and sky differ especially Syrian people who mostly working in food industries there. There’s particular restaurant that I like which is ‘Aruuus Dimasq’ or عروس دمشق at the streets of ‘Asafirah’ عصفرة  and a Syrian ice cream shop which sell one of the best ice cream in the world, Trifillo at the same place just in front of the sea. The people who works there are also nice, eye-catchy and surprisingly… they can speak English well!

I was having Faransawi Syawerma and I tell you what, it's nyummy!

the must-try ice cream here!

Not to forget, I personally think that Egyptians like native Alexandrian are differ than one in Cairo just by their common courtesy. For an instance, most of the drivers will stop/slower their vehicles and stopped others beside and behind just to let you crossed the streets and that is a very major common courtesy that I think rarely happened in Cairo. Secondly, when I was in a train and I offer an old lady my seat and she happily thanked me and asked me if there’s anything that I’m selling so that she can buy *how nice is that?* and one time we (our group) in bus one of us offered an old man a seat and he thanked him and asked my friend to leave his bag to him so it would not burden him and.. the list goes on and on.

Citadel of Qaitbay.

Sorry for this quite a long rant but I just felt like typing down this though out  and… here some of the photos that I managed to capture when I was there; or you may view it through my Instagram account.
I guess that is it. I definitely am coming back there, if I may and with that… thank you for reading.