Saturday, October 8, 2016

off coldness and coziness.

Well hello October. Hello my favorite time of the year; fall/winter. I love the cold, coziness of this time when you get to be in the warmness of the blanket, having a hot cup of tea and yeah.. night get longer than day.

Class didn’t start yet so I got a few time to figuring out few things, also I finally started to read me before you by Jojo Moyes and all I can say I regret myself for watching the movie first rather than read it so that the movie will make a lot of sense. Note to self: next time, read it before watching it!
Another thing is… sports shoes here are crazily expensive! Like triple the price! I was about to buy an adidas shoes back in Malaysia but I thought I still can buy that in here but yeah… I need to think for the second time when figuring out the price, hahahaha. I ended up buying a new coat for winter since I need that anytime soon. The shoe? maybe next time.

Hurm, I’m feeling quite homesick especially the food! But yeah.. I know I belong here so, stay strong!  I don’t really worry about this semester’s subject but next semester is quite a challenge. I guess this time is not only I need to change the gear but also the maintenance. Hahahaha.

I guess that is all. Bye :)