Saturday, November 12, 2016

not too much, not too deep.

Peace be upon to you.
You know when you slept after Asr (the late afternoon; almost sun set) and you woke up feeling moody, uncertain, sad and confuse? This is the state of my mind right now.

It’s not that I’m insane or what it just somehow calming in this state of mind and I can hear my thought crystal clear and I wanted to jot down this feeling because I woke up just now wondering about a lots of thing. Ya this few days quite a day for me.

Everyday I would walk around and ride the bus going to school and classes, everything going as scheduled but I also lost the track of the things that I had to do with the student association that make me face-palm myself a few times because I am not supposed to forget doing all those work cause I already jot it down on the sticky notes and who knows what happened.

I liked being having a job, work to do and a day filled with stuff to do is satisfying because you know you’re being productive but sometime it’s kind of too much and everything just a messed up.

This new year in uni I tell myself that I don’t want to skip class anymore, even when it’s not my subject to present; and those cozy blanket eating me every morning plus cold fall breeze is quite spirit-killing too. Okay. Note here; I’m might be not stable yet from the post sleeping madness so if you’re like wth right now I understand you. Sorry for this because I’m in the mood of writing down all of this sound in my head.

Another thing to tell, I went to Maher Zain album launching and album signing session 3 hour (THREE HOUR) before the event and went praying Maghrib and came back the space was filled!!!

Here the thing I want to rant about. They don’t even consider making a system so that people can have the signing session like A HUMAN instead they just let people do like uugghhh. Sorry, this is my biggest pet peeves. People cutting lines, chaos and you know what are more disappointing? I was about a few inches from meeting him then they decided to stop the session. I was like @#$%^&*. Thank goodness I was able to pass my album to Pyka; a friend of mine who happened to be strong enough to be in that battlefield hahaha. What a day.

Okay enough with this. Thank you for lending me your time by viewing this, I owe you so much. Bye.