Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Heyy! it's 2017 already !!!

Yes. My exam is done and all is well. Let’s just keep that topic away because I’m not really in the mood for exam. Yep, it’s already a new year and I lost the track of it since my examination start on the first Jan and end by now but I do make a resolution and let me make this clear, that my last year was realistic and 75% achieved. This year; it will be 100% (I hope).

                Know what, since then I’ve been thinking that my writing is so bad especially in English; with all the grammar and words while there’s no way I can learn English again properly so maybe I  should just self-taught myself. I’ve made a list of bunch of books I want to get at the upcoming book festival and I hope it worked *finger crossed*.

                Like the last year situation, I didn’t make any plan to travel while almost all of my colleagues are on their way with all-packed bags going somewhere while I’m still in my bed figuring which book to read and not feeling to go out or doing anything physical which in my concern that it’s not good and I guess I have to make a plan for this winter break.

                Did I tell you that I want to write more on this blog? Nope? Yup… this year I wanted to stick to the one-post-at-least-per-month and let’s see what’s going to happen.   Until then, see ya!