Tuesday, January 17, 2017

When you rest you rust – Oscar de La Renta.

It’s been a few day since winter break and it’s a long time ahead of winter break since I finished the exam early this year. At first I don’t think that I want to do anything but realizing that I have tons of time and a seminar to go to that require a reading process of a mind-struggling books, I’m good.

So starting 3 days ago I’ve been filling my time with outings, finding stuff to do and I like my day planned at least a day before because I’m good like that. There’re plenty of movies, tv shows available but it’s seems so… time wasting. I enjoy killing my time with that but sitting for a few hours doing nothing is not my vibe. I need a better idea.

I actually put that saying of the late Mr de La Renta infront of my bed to remind me to avoid too much resting. I’m quite intimidated by the idea of not achieving anything but here I am.

*in the middle of this writing, I was interrupted of my junior asking for notes and question; apparently I lost my point but I’ll post this anyway.