Friday, February 3, 2017

January notes?

So here we go. 

I just told myself that after brushing my tooth, while shutting down my laptop I want to sleep. End of story but now I’m sitting in my bed typing this. So as my goal this year to at least update this blog regularly; keeping that goal realistic is what I am trying right now. Even though I don’t really share my blog to people and that’s no point on doing that as my writing is shit.  Tomorrow most of my friends are going to Mount Sinai and Dahab which quite a nice place but I cancelled it last minute just merely because I don’t feel like going. Well, I still got time, 2 years ahead is quite plenty and may Allah will.

So, how is my winter break?


I went to Islamic Art museum which is quite funny to me going to a museum like we had a clue but discovering new things is awesome. Then we go to climb Bab Zuweyla tower, and it’s quite scary. Apparently I am an acrophobia person (scared of heights) but the scenery is worth paying 10 pounds. The whole days is very tiring but spend well.

International book fair has started but I didn’t go on the first few days as I voluntarily joined myself a 4 days program called WISE which I am glad I did. I must admit that at first I am quite lazy to fill up the online registration and answering questions but I managed to be chosen to be part of the 200 pounds program which I am grateful and happy I did joined.  I benefited so much on the whole 4 days and having the chance to meet such amazing person who clarify lots of uncertainty and blurred answer in my mind really making me full and literally, wise.

Picture is taken from WISE facebook page @WISE.Mesir

So, here I am again planning over tomorrow. Actually I got things to do but we’ll so hoe it goes. I didn’t regret not going there because my best friend is not going too so Book fair, here we go! Although I don’t have a full final list on what books I want to get maybe just wandering around there is better than hibernating huh?

Okay, I guess last but not least I just started reading the fault in our stars by John Green and yup, I know I’m late and I’ve seen the movies and reading it is quite easier. I haven’t read anything serious since last month. Exam demand a lots of my time on notes and tutorials. I guess that is all with half of my winter break and with this, I end my writing.