Tuesday, February 14, 2017

on TFIOS by John Green.

I just read the fault in our stars by John Green. Yes, I know I’m awfully late but watched the movie already. I know how to expect but the movie did move me in a way of watching a movie can that is why I liked to read. Reading gives you something more that you can grasp through it.
I don’t intend to write anything like a review or maybe it is but here the thing;

That book makes think lots of stuff. About death, dying, loosing someone you love. Something that at last all human will have a taste of it. Although that book portrays all of those in a different perspective than mine but I think the feeling (maybe not all) is mutual.

The uncertainty of all of that somehow so scary and caused anxiety but all I can say is, those feeling demand to be felt like John Green said pain is demanded to be felt and by that we can moves on.

Two days ago, my dad was admitted to HDU in Kedah Medical Center, due to problems in his lungs and that affected his heart. Alhamdulillah he’s okay now. The thing is, first; that is quite serious and I tell you, I cry a bit scared of anything that might happen. Secondly, I guess even thought I am aware of the fact that I’ve left my family few hundred miles  and might lose them in any time without able to be at their side but I’m still not ready for all of those probabilities. I am not and I don’t think anyone ever be ready.

Back to the book, I like the way the author convey the story. It is quite cliché in a way it is but still it is a good book for anyone who want to try young adult novels.

I guess this is it. Bye .