Monday, February 27, 2017

Sinai-Dahab-Sharm Sheikh travelogue part 1

I just posted one of 600 ++ photos available of my vacation recently on instagram and the memories struck like really I felt like going to that moment back, again.

I’m glad that I’ve decided to join the trip this time, at the right moment and right people to be crazy with. It was almost 12 hours travel by bus but the place is so beautiful. I wish I have Polaroid with me. We went by bus at 2am and managed to reach St. Catherine and check in to the hotel at 3pm that day. We did a little warm up at Wadi Arbain where the rock that had been knocked by Moses which happened to produce 12 source of water still there.

Also I forgot to mention we visited the Bar Liev fort that belong to Israelite army but Egyptians Army manage to confiscate that fort in 6 days.

1 in the morning we went climbing and I have no words on that experience. Tiring but it’s worth it. Here’re my few tips:

1.       Good companies keep you motivated.
2.       Bring snickers, mars or energy bars.
3.       Limit your water consumption because the loo there is not the best.
4.       A good pair of shoes helps.

And the last place which is the top of the mountain is so amazing with the sun rise on point. I love that moment so much. I wish I have a better word for that moment but naah. I wish who read this will have an opportunity to visit there someday!

the place was somehow like a village and as i googled, it says that this is the place where prophet Elijah hide from Jezabel.

Way back from climbing the mountain, we managed to visit a few tomb of prophets, historical places before heading back and packing for Dahab.
it's a fake smile. i'm dying inside lol.

the tomb

I guess I’m gonna need part 2 for Dahab. Untill here,