Sunday, May 21, 2017

Making peace, with myself.

This is a self-acceptance post that might be a long one or maybe just a few line of sentence. I don’t know. We’ll see.

So I just sit for my first paper for final today and it’s not good. I struggled answering most of the questions like I used to answer previous tests; confident and convinced. A few days back my oral test was also not really promising.

But yeah, here I am.. having my dark chocolate digestive biscuit with a can of fruit sparkling writing this as a reminder to myself, of how much this feeling, right now even after a very tiring midnight study and it’s not even half pass all of the subjects but I just want to write here that maybe sometimes we need that feeling of failing, falling.

And here I am, making peace with myself that not everything that you had done all of your best will turn as you expected.

Sometime you need to feel the struggle is it demands you feel it, that it exist and you need to do something, did your best and let the God handle the rest.

Hadi, be peace.